A Sample of My Guest Blog Posts and Magazine Articles

In addition to writing weekly on my own blog, I've written lots of guest posts for a variety of publications on the topics of creativity, jewelry making, and publishing.  Here are a few (not all!) samples of my work online:


Most of my magazine articles such as the one on using social media to sell your jewelry published in Beadwork Quick and Easy (pictured on the magazine cover above) are not available online.  My areas of expertise for articles includes artists profiles, jewelry design, craft/handmade businesses, freelance writing, book/product reviews, and short ("front-of-the-book") news articles.

More Links

  • You can find all the blog posts I wrote at Beading Daily both when I was the editor and later as a freelancer.  (My byline is "Michelle M" or "Michelle Mach.") 
  • All the guest posts I wrote for Halcraft USA are filed under my name.